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Once upon a time ..

Dark lines
on white


There was a woman in her Seventies, her hair still curvy and grey with a touch of silver in it, wearing big bright glasses and a straw hat. She had tiny blue eyes that showed strength and joy. She was known for her deep respect for nature and birds. People liked to come and visit her, talk with her about their visions and sing with her.

It was still early that morning. She was curious what today's message would be. In her dreams last night, her old father had appeared. She missed him.

That day she saw the flowers in her garden stretching their arms towards each other, dancing in the wind, moving their coloured petals in all directions. She heard small animals coming from the neighbours gardens, playing together hide and seek.

In the bushes sat tiny birds, whispering the latest news.

She felt the morning breeze on her arms and heard the sound of big bird wings coming nearer. "Oh, here they are again, she thought silently"

The eagles. These strong birds are known to fly the highest in the skies, to build round nests where they lay their eggs; the nests resting, safe in small caves in the high mountains. Today they flew over her house, she watched them carefully rise in turns up to the clouds. One eagle flew so high that he touched a cloud and disappeared in it. She wondered, how it would be to climb on its back and discover from above how everything looks like squares and circles and so small.

She stopped thinking for a moment. This made one eagle come down to her, inviting her to join. She got up as if it would be the most normal thing to do and walked down the stairs towards the majestic bird. She thanked him with a kind smile.

He offered his back for her to climb on it. The eagle turned his head and with its sparkling eyes invited her to grab hold of its strong feathers, and enjoy the ride. They flew over her house in big circles climbing each time a bit higher and flew over forests with yellow, orange, green leaves, full of plants and birds mankind had yet not discovered. They saw waterfalls pouring out of high rocks drawing rainbows in the air.

They finally reached the clouds, For a moment the woman lost her sight. Then something soft touched her shoulder. It was her father, who had died years ago and happened to be walking today in this part of the sky.

Seeing her he could not resist and he had to greet her. He looked well, he looked taller, healthier.

The woman had climbed down and heard this tall man talking to her, she could not understand his language, yet sensed the emotions he wanted her to feel.

Then she recognised him, shed tears of joy, then smiled and felt so much love coming in her direction. She forgot for a moment her loss.

After a while the eagle sang his song, it was his sign to leave, she heard it, said goodby to her father and followed the bird and sat on his tender strong back. Together they flew down, back to civilisation and soon the woman was sitting in her rocking chair, on her porch, enjoying her morning time.

She discovered later on her table a long feather the eagle had left there for her, as a precious gift and reminder to keep dreaming.

Far in the east, she saw the eagles rising in a line, to fly back to where they came from. ©AC

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